Lesson Plans

Lesson plans are a comprehensive collection of ideas and strategies to help guide your student through both educational and developmental milestones. These plans will help your student improve functional communication in both structured and unstructured activities in all areas of the student’s life. Lesson plans include resource materials such as books or games, Smart Charts, and Common Core Standards by grade level.

  • Clinical Lesson Plans

    Designed to be used in speech therapy settings and are based on specific expressive and receptive language objectives.

  • Classroom Lesson Plans

    Designed to be used in the classroom to teach specific functional skills during structured and unstructured academic activities.

  • Mobile Lesson Plans

    Designed to show different ways an app can be used to help a student or child become a better communicator.

  • Can-Do Cards & Calendars

    Fun, motivational activities the entire family can do to help your child improve their communication skills. Communication Partner cards can be shared with anyone who interacts with your child.