Language Stages

The foundation of the AAC Language Lab is a compilation of information on language development gathered from a vast number of resources. Language is usually developed in a fairly predictable manner or stages. The AAC Language Lab provides guidance for selecting language activities that are a good fit with your student or child’s current skills and encourages progression in language development. Choose your role and start learning about how children develop language.

“For years I have struggled with this issue of wanting to support the PRC Unity system to help students communicate more effectively and fluently. The Language Lab has allowed me to have confidence that the student will have the support needed to learn and use their system. Providing a structure within which to train the system, based on student language levels and device levels, and the materials to support it has been a savior for me, the on-site staff, and the student. Thank you!”
—Sharon Jacobs, SLT, AAC

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