How to Make Friends if Using AAC

Posted Jun 22, 2022 - 11:23am

By Carson Covey- PRC-Saltillo Blogger

Since it is summer now and the world is a little bit more open post Covid,kind of, I recommend that you should take this opportunity to meet new people! We all know that our population has a harder time to get friendships going let’s face it. What I found since 2005 is people do not give you time to type, so your social pages is the way to go to small talk. One of the reasons why is that you are testing the person’s wait time, and that isn’t always the best or easiest way to start a relationship. If you want friends that use AAC as well and you are a go getter, just go to events and talk to people. Maybe you can join AAC groups on social media. Those groups will be more understanding! 

Good luck

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