Get Your Siblings Involved!

Posted Nov 19, 2014 - 11:02am

By Keslie Levad

Hello my name is Keslie. I am 18 years old. I use a PRC device.

Imagine that you were the only person at your school with a communication device. Nobody else like you. How do you learn how to use a communication device?

Where I grew up there was nobody else like me really. I grew up in a small little mountain town. So I was pretty much self-taught because it was new to my speech therapist at the time also. I would say that in the beginning it was a toy to play with for me.

Keslie and her brother

I would play with my older brother a lot of the time to learn the device also. He was cool with playing with his little sister. We would tell jokes to each other and sing songs together that I had on my device. I had fun and I think my brother had fun too.

Keslie and her brotherKeslie and her brother

Advice to parents, get your other children involved with helping their brother or sister learn the device. It is a win-win, they think it is cool and they will be helping their brother or sister which is always awesome.

My email is if you have any questions I am happy to help you anyway that I can.

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