Materials for the Describing Theme

One or more books are available for teaching each goal and can be printed or saved on a PC or tablet. Smart Charts provide Unity icons for each lesson to assist with modeling target words. Print the Smart Charts and post them for everyone on the team.



  • Writing Genre - Descriptive

    This lesson will focus on the descriptive writing genre. The lesson will include a variety of tools to help your student explore writing with their device . We encourage that you also read any of the mentor texts to illustrate examples of each genre. It is also fun to have your student read their work after they write. Celebrate all attempts. Most importantly, HAVE FUN and keep talking!

  • Irregular Plurals with Paul

    The student will learn how to express the concept of more than one thing by making nouns plural.

  • Plant Parts

    The student will increase the number of words used meaningfully.

  • Apples

    The person will use adjectives (describing words) in phrases to tell about something or someone.

  • Nearly, Dearly, Insincerely

    The student will be able to use adverbs in phrases to describe when, how, where, how often or how much.

  • Quirky, Jerky, Extra Perky

    Students will learn all about the use of adjectives as seen in the wonderful book, “Quirky, Jerky, Extra Perky”, by Brian Cleary. Information on how to purchase the book is included in this lesson plan.

  • Opposites

    The student will use adjectives appropriately in simple sentences to describe opposites.

  • Adjectives- Three Dogs

    Learn when and how to use adjectives in short phrases.

  • Adjectives

    Learn when and how to use adjectives in short phrases.


  • Tell Me!

    The student will continue to speak in complex sentences.