Materials for the Advanced Language Concepts Theme

One or more books are available for teaching each goal and can be printed or saved on a PC or tablet. Smart Charts provide Unity icons for each lesson to assist with modeling target words. Print the Smart Charts and post them for everyone on the team.

Free Samples


  • Slang It!

    The student will learn to use slang to respond to everyday situations with peers.

  • Talk of the Town

    The student will use complex sentences in situations occurring in everyday life.

  • Tell Me!

    The student will continue to speak in complex sentences.

  • A Day at the Dog Park

    The person will learn to use negative pronoun questions.

  • Counting Animals with -ed Verbs
    • The student will count from 1-10
    • The student will speak phrases that include –ed verbs.
    • The student will increase their usage of the target –ed verb forms.
  • A Busy Day
    • The student will speak using reflexive pronouns to correctly refer back to the subject of a sentence.
  • I Feel Happy When....
    • The student will be able to show they know the meaning of feeling words.
    • The student will be able to say a simple sentence telling how they feel.
    • The student will be able to say a simple sentence identifying the feelings of others.
  • Planning a Party

    Learn to use verbs ending in s to agree with third person subjects in sentences while learning about the Food Pyramid.

  • Conversation Flashcards Advanced

    This lesson will focus on practising different reasons to communicate in order to expand functions of communication beyond basic requesting.

  • The New Kid

    The student will speak using conjunctions to join words, phrases and sentences.

  • Definitely Dumb Jokes

    Learn to use indefinite pronouns.

  • The Scavenger Hunt

    Learn to use the articles “a” and “the”.

  • Free Bo and the Grasshopper

    Learn to correctly use possessive nouns.

  • Contractions

    Learn to use contractions.

  • Max and Sally Get Ready to Go

    Learn to correctly use possessive nouns.

  • Who Took the Bananas

    Learn to use the verbs “was” and “were” in sentences to describe how things were in the past.

  • Then and Now

    Learn to use “I was” and “I am” to describe past and present states.

  • Lola's Treehouse

    Learn to use conjunctions.

  • Conjunctions- Three Dogs

    Learn to use conjunctions.

  • Willy Will

    Learn to express future tense verbs.

  • Free Lola the Lion

    Learn to use past tense regular verbs ending in “ed”.

  • Going To

    Learn to express future tense verbs.