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Lesson Plans for Language Stage 6

Lesson plans are used to help teach each language objective. One or more books are available for most lessons and can be printed or saved on a PC or tablet. Smart Charts provide Unity icons for each lesson to assist with modeling target words. Print the Smart Charts and post them for everyone on the team.

Free Samples

Simple complete sentences

Continue to speak in simple complete sentences

  • Talk of the Town

    The student will practice using complex sentences in real life activities.

  • Tell Me!

    The person will answer situational questions using simple, complete sentences correctly.

Add more words

Continue to use simple complete sentences to express requests

  • Grammar Wheel

    This lesson will help a student learn the different types of grammatical categories.

Subordinating conjunctions

Use subordinating conjunctions to speak or write complex sentences

  • Conjunctions

    Learning to speak using conjunctions to join words, phrases, and sentences.

Reflexive pronouns

Use reflexive pronouns correctly

  • A Busy Day

    Learn to use reflexive pronouns in sentences.

Indefinite pronouns

Use indefinite pronouns correctly

Negative questions

Ask negative questions using pronoun-verb phrases

Contractions: isn’t, wasn’t, etc.

Use contractions such as isn’t and wasn’t correctly