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Lesson Plans for Language Stage 3

Lesson plans are used to help teach each language objective. One or more books are available for most lessons and can be printed or saved on a PC or tablet. Smart Charts provide Unity icons for each lesson to assist with modeling target words. Print the Smart Charts and post them for everyone on the team.

Free Samples

Use simple sentences

Speak in simple complete sentences

  • I Can! I Can't!

    Using can and can’t in simple sentences

  • I Feel Happy Intermediate

    Learn to express feelings using simple sentences.

  • Simple Sentences

    Learn to use simple sentences to practice different reasons to communicate in order to expand functions of communication beyond basic requesting.

Add more words

Increase the number of words used meaningfully

Plural nouns: Noun + -s

Speak plural nouns correctly

  • Irregular Plurals

    The student will learn how to express the concept of more than one thing by making nouns plural.

  • Plural Nouns

    Learn how to express the concept of more than one thing by making nouns plural

Negatives in sentences

Use negatives in sentences

Sentences to direct actions

Use a simple compete sentence to direct another person’s actions.

  • Come Intermediate

    The person will speak in simple sentences to direct another person’s actions.

Sentences to express requests

Use simple complete sentences to express requests

  • Animals Do More

    The student will correctly use infinitive complements to show requests and preferences in spontaneous speech.

  • Expanding Requests

    Learn to use infinitives to complete simple statements - “I like to play” “I need to go”

On-going action: Verb + -ing

Use ing verbs to show action continuing in the present


Use prepositions to show position

–ing verbs + prepositions

Combine verbs ending in ing with prepositions

Pronoun + verb

Use simple pronoun + verb phrases

Infinitive: to + verb

Use infinitives (to+verb) to complete statements