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Lesson Plans for Language Stage 2

Lesson plans are used to help teach each language objective. One or more books are available for most lessons and can be printed or saved on a PC or tablet. Smart Charts provide Unity icons for each lesson to assist with modeling target words. Print the Smart Charts and post them for everyone on the team.

Free Samples

2 – 3 word phrases

Combine two and three words to make phrases

Add more phrases

Increase the number of phrases he or she uses meaningfully

  • I Feel Happy

    Learn to express feelings using phrases

  • Conversation Flashcards

    Use these flashcards to to model and practice different reasons to communicate in order to expand functions of communication beyond basic requesting.

  • On and Off

    The person will say “on” and “off” combined with other words in meaningful communication.

Phrases to direct actions

Speak two and three word phrases to direct another person’s actions

Phrases to express negatives

Speak two and three word phrases to express negatives

  • Not My Dog!

    The student will use 2 - 3 word phrases to expresses negatives.

  • Free Expressing Negatives

    The person will produce two word utterances to express negatives.

Phrases to express requests

Speak two and three word phrases to express requests

  • This, That, These and Those

    The determiners “this”, “that”, “these” and “those” mark plurality and distance. In this lesson there are several activities that help teach the meaning of each target word, and the right time to use the words.

  • Teach the Word "Get"

    The person will say the word “get” combined with other words to make phrases.