Vocabulary Builder

Vocabulary Builder is a powerful tool that allows you to teach a small set of vocabulary within the context of a robust Unity vocabulary system. It makes teaching and learning sequenced Unity more manageable. Vocabulary Builder works by reducing the number of visible words so that only those needed for a specific activity, conversation, or category of language can be targeted at a time. This strategy of masking vocabulary allows you to focus on a small number of words while supporting the development of motor planning for those words. When the child masters the set of words, you will add or unmask more words to continue building language skills. This process of exposing children to language in “chunks” is similar to how typically-developing children learn language. To help you get started, Vocabulary Builder includes several word lists; core words, reading words, sight words, Language Acquistion Through Motor Planning (LAMP) Words and Pixon Project. Custom word lists based on the needs and goals of the person using the device can be created and stored.

Vocabulary Builder can be found in software versions 1.0 and higher of Accent, Vantage and Vanguard 5.06 and higher and ECO 2.07 and higher.

Download the Vocabulary Builder Cheat Sheet for Accent

Download the Vocabulary Builder Cheat Sheet for Vantage, Vanguard and Eco.