Accent 1200, Accent 1000, Accent 700, Eco2, and Vantage Lite

The Unity areas in Accent 1200, Accent 1000, Accent 800, Accent 800-D, Accent 700, Eco, Eco2, and Vantage Lite all have a Pages Page where you’ll find resources such as MY BOOKS, MY SCENES, and TEACH CORE. The illustration below is from Unity 84 Sequenced.

Unity 84 Sequenced

MY BOOKS links to stories that are illustrated and have just the icons that you need for reading the story. TEACH CORE links to pages that have been simplified so that you don’t see all the icons. You can practice saying action words, feelings, and colors.


In the Unity Sequenced areas you can find visual scene pages for teaching icon associations. Go to the Pages Page, then My Scenes, and then choose an icon.

My Scene Unity 84

Also in Unity Sequenced there are pages that teach parts of speech. You can practice action words, interjections, prepositions, adjectives, and colors. Go to the Pages Page, then TEACH CORE INTERNAL to find this page.


Use the Icon Tutor to find the sequences for vocabulary words stored in your device. Go to the Device Tools activity row to see the Icon Tutor.

Icon Tutor Unity 84