Message from Consultants

A Message from Liberator Regional Consultants to Classroom Teachers and Related Service Providers:

We Are Here To Help

At Liberator, we educate, train and implement practical AAC solutions. We understand your training and support needs as you begin learning and implementing a Liberator AAC device in your classroom.

It Really Is Just Good Teaching

You know your students and what they need to excel in a learning environment. Teaching with an AAC device is just the same good teaching you are already doing. We can help you learn to easily include the AAC device in your daily teaching routine.

Try Your Hand At Being The Student

In order to teach Unity®, PRC’s language system, you must first learn it. If you take the time to explore and practice what your device user needs to learn, you and your student will experience more short- and long-term success. In addition, start small. Begin with one activity, lesson or communication exchange. This will help you give and get feedback from your student and set realistic expectations.

We Have Tools To Make It Easy

Our website,, offers a free software download so you can practice without using an actual device. In addition, we have a wealth of ready-to-use teaching materials, lesson plans, and activity ideas on our AAC Language Lab website. Let us help you succeed and experience the joy of teaching a student with AAC needs.