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What is Unity®?

Unity is a unique language system used to represent language in an AAC device. It uses a small set of easy-to-recognize pictures combined in short sequences to produce words, phrases, and sentences.

A beginning communicator might start with a Unity vocabulary where one picture represents one word.

A more advanced communicator might use a Unity vocabulary that uses short sequences of pictures to represent words or phrases.

Unity focuses on frequently used words.It has a language structure based on a few simple patterns. Once you learn the pattern for a certain type of word, you can explore and find other words that use the same pattern. Words in these patterns are color-coded for additional help.

The Word Maps illustrate the core words associated with each icon. They are color coded according the grammatical category. You can use the Word Maps to assist students learn the core words that appear once the first icons is accessed.

Unity 2.0 Word Maps

Word Maps - Unity 2.0 - 60 Seq

Word Maps - Unity 2.0 - 84 Seq

Unity Word Maps

Word Maps for Unity 60 Sequenced

Word Maps for Unity 84 Sequenced

Word Maps for Word for Life 84 Sequenced