Materials for the Play Category

One or more books are available to use with each Can-Do Activity and Communication Partner card and can be printed or saved on a PC or tablet. Smart Charts provide Unity icons for each lesson to assist with modeling target words. Print the Smart Charts and post them for everyone on the team.


  • Look, Let's Go!

    Your child will learn to speak phrases using look, get and go.

  • How to Make a Monster

    You child will use two to three word phrases to direct an activity.

  • Come

    The child will learn to direct the actions of others using a phrase including the word “come”.

  • Core Word Concentration

    Child will practice finding core vocabulary while playing this memory game.

  • Family Storytime

    Use these simple activities to help make story time a time for learning language.

  • Word Bingo

    Help your child increase the vocabulary they use meaningfully with this fun Bingo game.

  • Play

    Learn to say phrases using the word “play”

  • More

    Learn to use the word “more”


  • The Adventure Series

    Learn to use “ing” verbs with prepositions

  • Core Word Concentration - Int

    Play this game of Concentration to help your child master using simple verb phrases.

  • A Snowy Day
    • The child will use the linking verbs “is” and “are” correctly in a sentence.
    • The child will correctly identify items of winter clothing.
  • It Is Christmas Time

    The child will speak phrases that include “-ing” verbs to express continuing action in the present.

  • Go Fish - Adjectives

    Learn adjectives and turn taking while playing a new version of an old favorite

  • Word Bingo

    Play this fun Bingo game with your child to help increase the vocabulary they use meaningfully

  • Pronouns Around Town

    Learn to use pronouns in sentences

  • Play

    Learn to use the word “play” with subject pronouns

  • Going on Vacation

    Learn to use “ing” verbs with prepositions in sentences

  • Going on a Camping Trip

    Learn to use “ing” verbs with prepositions


  • Indefinite Pronoun Bingo

    Youir child will learn to find indefinite pronouns playing this fun Bingo game.

  • A Busy Day

    Your child will learn to use reflexive pronouns correctly when referring back to the subject in a sentence.

  • The Scavenger Hunt

    Learn to use the articles “a” and “the”