What Do They Do

Learn to produce one word utterances.

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A pdf version of the lesson plan can be printed or saved on a PC or tablet. Supplemental Materials (Books and Smart Charts) for this lesson are listed below and are saved or printed separately. Smart Charts provide Unity icons for each lesson to assist with modeling target words.

Can-Do Activity Card

What Do They Do


Use this card with the book “What Do They Do”. Take as long as your child needs to learn the skills. You may need to model the language multiple times for them to learn it. By modeling the language, you are motivating your child to learn.


  1. Model the target beginning core verbs on your child’s talker (drink, eat, make, play, read, sleep, and work). Read the book “What Do They Do”. Put an increased emphasis on the core verbs, acting out the actions as you can.

  2. Find times throughout the day to practice using core verbs with your child. Encourage them to say them during functional daily activities.

  3. Use action figures or dolls to play and act out the verbs in the story, allow your child to tell the action figure or doll what to do using their talker.

  4. Print out the Core Word game board. This game can be played a variety of ways. One example is to have your child roll a dice. They must find the word on their device before they can move their marker to that square. Repeat until the reach the end.


  • Model increasing the phrase by adding “want ” or “need ”. Prompt your child to use these expansions if they are ready.

Communication Partner Card

What Do They Do


Print and make copies of this card to give to people working or interacting with your child. Ask them to help with the target goal by asking some simple questions. The more the child uses their device in different settings, the better communicator they will be. Fill in the blanks with your child’s name. Keep a copy of the book with your child to use during free time.


  1. If you are working with _____________, please have them use their device to use beginning core verbs (drink, eat, make, play, read, sleep, and work) whenever possible and reasonable, trying to keep it fun and functional.

  2. Look for books at the appropriate reading level that contain these core verbs. Read the book together. Ask ____ to read the core verbs using their talker.

  3. When doing an activity with ______, encourage them to indicate actions that you are to do (example: pick up a book and have them tell you to “read”).


  • During free time, read the book “What Do They Do” with _________. Add in examples from around the room to expand beyond the book.

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