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Simple complete sentences

Continue to speak in simple complete sentences

Was and were

Use past tense linking verbs was and were correctly

  • Was and Were

    Learn to use the past tense verbs ‘was’ and ‘were’

Regular past tense verbs: -ed

Use past tense verbs ending in ed correctly

Future actions: going to and will

Express future actions by using going to and will

Add more words

Continue to use simple complete sentences to express requests

  • Story Grammar Marker® App

    When supporting an AAC user who is developing their narrative skills scaffolding is an important tool. The Story Grammar Marker app is an excellent tool that provides a nice scaffold for narrative skills, it’s based on the popular system used in classrooms around the country. If you are not familiar with Story Grammar Marker® please visit MindWing Concepts to learn more about how it works. In this app you act as the “reporter” who is reporting on your own experiences, a book, or a movie. Follow this visual from (which uses Pixons®) to help you organise the types of words you would like to target when working on narratives. The lesson plan below is a good starting point but may not utilise all the words the person may require when writing their narratives.

Subordinating conjunctions

Use subordinating conjunctions to speak or write complex sentences

  • Free Toca Life: City

    Toca Life: City is similar to Toca Boca’s other app called Toca Town. You are able to visit four locations: a hair salon, a mall, a food court, and an apartment. At each these locations you can easily spend hours interacting with the characters, items, and fun surprises! Like all other Toca Boca apps the app is very open ended and up to you to create the story. For example go to the hair salon and get your hair cut and then go the mall and doing some grocery shopping or stop by the pet store to get a new puppy. The language opportunities are endless. Have Fun!!