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Summer (AAC) Lovin'

Posted August 1, 2018 in Stories and Strategies for Success

HOORAY!!!! The summer holidays are finally here! Well done to all of my term-time only friends who have made it through the final push to the glorious summer ahead.

The summer holidays are always a great chance to relax, unwind and rebuild our strengths for the next academic year and all the challenges it may bring. As a Speech & Language Therapist working in a special school for almost 5 years I was always grateful for the break – but I always had my clients in my thoughts – notably how they could consolidate their language skills over the summer break and retain all the skills they’d worked so tirelessly to build up over the last year.

It can be hard to think about how we can support consolidation of language skills over long periods of absence from school, particularly if someone is at an early stage of their vocabulary development. I honestly believe – especially early on, that language learning needs to be fun, functional and in real-life contexts – not just artificially engineered scenarios.

This time last year I was pulling together our ‘Teaching Core Words Across the Day’ pack – a resource aimed at helping early AAC users develop a robust vocabulary of 50 core words which they could use for multiple meanings, in isolation (i.e. still at a 1 word level) and across activities.

This is a brilliant pack for anyone supporting others to use AAC and it is now freely downloadable from the Liberator Ltd Website by simply following this little link – hooray!

TCW cover

Teaching Core Words Across the Day

Whilst the first half of the pack focuses on the words we can teach, the second half thinks more about specific everyday situations and how we can model language.  Provided are activity plans for 20 common games and activities of daily living which can be brilliant opportunities for consolidating or developing language skills (I've included a couple to show you here).

Teaching Core Words Across the Day -Ball

Teaching Core Words Across the Day- tasting

A great resource for those of you who are hoping to consolidate some language skills over the summer months whilst you all take a much-needed break from school. There is a great range of activities and something to suit everyone over what is looking like a glorious summer ahead.

Have a truly wonderful summer break.

This Blog was originally posted on The Emazing AAC Emily! By Emily Gabrielle, AAC Education & Resources Consultant for Liberator Ltd.