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Scaring you to your very core!

Posted October 10, 2018 in Making AAC Work

Mwah ha ha! (FYI that was supposed to be a VERY scary laugh) The season of devilment, witches, ghouls and all things spooky is almost upon us!

I love Halloween – mainly for all the Simpsons Treehouses of Horror episodes which seem be repeated frequently around this time of year, but also because it signals for me the start of autumn and all things warm, toasty and Christmassy! (The fact my birthday is only a few days after Halloween is nothing to do with it!)

Now as with any holiday I know the temptation is great to go out and design a new ‘Halloween’ specific page for your AAC systems (honestly how do you find the time?) but as I always say – SAVE YOUR ENERGY!! Because in fact we can use Halloween to focus on some fantastic core vocabulary and teach descriptive language skills.

So instead why not try this simple game which focuses on describing skills and allows us to focus on the features of popular Halloween items and characters as opposed to simply naming them?

You simply take it in turns to choose an item (ideas below) each of which will have a ‘Halloween themed’ picture attached to it (sorry to state the obvious but any labels which will be submerged in water may need double or triple laminating…..).


Kinder Egg ‘Pumpkins’ – with the words inside (if you are VERY clever you can separate and reseal the eggs so they get the chocolate too!)


Bobbing for A(AC)pples – with the words attached to stalks


Ghostly Mallows – with a marshmallow on each word (use edible pen to decorate!)


Hook a (scary) duck – with the words attached underneath

Once someone has chosen something can they then use some words to describe the item?

Think about words such as:

halloween core words

To summarise it nicely for you I’ve included this all in a little session plan .


Simply click here to get your copy.

Now what are you waiting for? Get spooking!

Happy Halloween

jack o lantern on grass

This Blog was originally posted on The Emazing AAC Emily! By Emily Gabrielle, AAC Education & Resources Consultant for Liberator Ltd.