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Realize Language™ – Monitoring AAC awesomeness

Posted September 26, 2018 in Making AAC Work

Crikey! Where is this academic year going? I can’t believe how far into the first term we already are! I hope for those of you working in school settings things are going well and you and your new class (and colleagues) are getting along like a house on fire.

When supporting teams in schools the discussion regarding monitoring progress with AAC often crops up. The conversation can take many forms including ‘How can we monitor how a device is being used?’, ‘How can we assess if goals are being met?’, How do we determine the next goals to work towards?’ and many more!

It can be hard to evidence progress particularly when there can feel like an increasing pressure to demonstrate progress and accountability. Whilst we typically think of this in the context of education, the reality is that for any of us delivering services in ANY setting, we can often feel the pressure of evidencing progress and feel a need to be able to monitor what is taking place – especially at those times separate from our client contact time.

The super news is that for anyone using one of Liberator’s devices or associated apps (LAMP WFL or TouchChat) you can use the amazing Realize Language™ site! This is an absolutely fantastic online resource through which linked devices can upload data either periodically (when connected to wi-fi) or via manual USB transfer or manual wi-fi upload. The data collected includes minutes of use, keys pressed, times of use across the week, words used and more!!!

The site has loads of useful ‘How to’ video’s and guides to get you started (or refresh your knowledge) and a brilliant ‘Starter’s Guide’. You can easily find them here

The really great thing is that the site will format the data for you and present it in easy to read displays or graphs (as appropriate to the type of data). Perfect for including in progress reviews and great for comparing over time periods! Here is a sample report taken from the Realize Language™ Website.


Being able to look at data from specific time periods is also a fab feature as this allows you see the specific words used across key times (a great resource to create a ‘What I did on my holiday’ word cloud to share with school).

word cloud

Finally – being able to set specific word list goals is a really simple way to monitor if goals are being met! It’s like having a secret helper in the device!! This simple video sums up how to set goals and monitor progress.

A year’s subscription is only £9.95 and you can manage multiple users with one subscription – that’s some value for money I’d say! Even better is you can sign up for a FREE 30 day trial first of all (Top Tip: start data logging on your devices before you sign up to get some data to look at!) to take it for a test drive. Again the site has some simple videos to walk you through connecting your devices – so no excuses!!

Now get out there, get logging that data and enjoy seeing the awesome AAC progress your clients are making :) 

Click here to check it out now!

This Blog was originally posted on The Emazing AAC Emily! By Emily Gabrielle, AAC Education & Resources Consultant for Liberator Ltd.