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Who's afraid of the big bad fringe?

Posted August 14, 2018 in Making AAC Work

Those of us well versed in AAC know and love a bit of core vocabulary. Anyone who’s ever sat in a training session with me will no doubt have heard me talk about core vocabulary and it’s benefit when included in an AAC system. In contrast to core vocabulary we also have fringe vocabulary – so what on earth is the difference? And is fringe vocabulary really the big bad wolf of AAC?

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Summer (AAC) Lovin'

Posted August 1, 2018 in Stories and Strategies for Success

HOORAY!!!! The summer holidays are finally here! Well done to all of my term-time only friends who have made it through the final push to the glorious summer ahead.

The summer holidays are always a great chance to relax, unwind and rebuild our strengths for the next academic year and all the challenges it may bring. As a Speech & Language Therapist working in a special school for almost 5 years I was always grateful for the break – but I always had my clients in my thoughts – notably how they could consolidate their language skills over the summer break and retain all the skills they’d worked so tirelessly to build up over the last year.

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