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Everyone Needs Help

Posted June 24, 2015 in Communicators in Action

Growing up I had to have help with everything—getting dressed, showering, going to the restroom and eating. I don't know how my mom managed. I remember when my mom told me one day, "I think it's about time you learn how to dress yourself."

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Kyleigh Kramlich Inspires and Teaches Others

Posted June 18, 2015 in Communicators in Action

For twelve-year-old Kyleigh Kramlich, it was more than an honor to lead the flag ceremony for her Girl Scout troop and recite the Pledge of Allegiance and Girl Scout promise - these were personal accomplishments of a very unique kind.

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Perspectives of Individuals Who Use AAC in the Workforce

Posted June 12, 2015 in Stories and Strategies for Success

For the majority of us who have the privilege of working with individuals who may have special needs, we picture the young child beginning their first "communicative steps" learning how to access their devices, communicating those first words and phrases. This is such an awesome time as we see the true power of communication.

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Discover the Power in YOUR Story

Posted June 3, 2015 in Communicators in Action

Aside from the Love and Grace of God in Heaven, there is nothing in the world more boundless than captivating stories. We all know the power of fantasy and fiction. Our favorite books, movies, T.V. shows, plays and even role-playing video games can let us escape, encourage us and relate to our troubles when it seems like no one else does.

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