Language Lab: Spin & Speak

Language Lab: Spin & Speak is the seventh app in a series of apps featuring the stages of language development. This app can be used with individuals in any stage of language development and is a great tool for use with augmentative communication.

This fun board game uses simple, colourful, original picture cards to focus on the importance of Social Skills. The app focuses on the following areas: instrumental (requesting things, asking for help), regulatory (directing others), interactional (exchanging information), personal (maintaining contact, interests), heuristic (discovery, making choices), imaginative (creative imagery) and informative (statements of fact, storytelling). You can set up each student and track their performance using our data tracking tool. Data can be emailed at any time during the game. Before the game, you can choose one or all of the social areas for each student. Up to five players can play at one time.

As the student plays the game, flashcards will pop up asking questions, or giving scenarios for them to address. This game is a great tool for all children needing help with simple conversations and can be especially used with students using augmentative communication devices.


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