Language Lab: Simple Sentences

Language Lab: Simple Sentences is the fifth of a series of apps featuring the stages of language development. This app focuses on the development of Stage Three or Intermediate language skills and is a great tool to use with augmentative communicators.

The person communicating in Language Stage Three begins to use simple sentences, and starts adding some grammar markings, including plurals, negatives, -ing verbs, and increasing their prepositions. Their simple sentences may include a helping verb (e.g., “I can go!”) or the word “to” (“I like to eat.”) When children are in this stage, they may be focusing on many goals at once. This app acknowledges that, and is designed to incorporate multiple aspects language features at this stage.

Some expected outcomes of Stage Three include speaking in complete simple sentences, knowledge and expression of plural noun concepts, and the use of prepositions to show position.

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