Language Lab: ing Verbs + Prepositions

Language Lab: ing Verbs + Prepositions is the third of a series of apps featuring the stages of language development. This App focuses on the development of Stage Three or Intermediate language skills and is a great tool for use with augmentative communicators.

This app is designed for individuals who are beginning to use simple sentences. At Stage Three, the person learns to use the smallest units of meaning, called morphemes, to change meaning, such as adding “-ing” to verbs. Phrases and sentences may not sound grammatically correct because helping verbs are not included at this stage. For example, the person might say, “it go” and then begin to say “it going.” A person at Stage Three begins to use the prepositions “in” and “on” in phrases such as “in box” and “on head.” The use of plurals also begins at Stage Three. The mean (average) length of utterance grows to 2.75, with typical phrase ranging from two to three words.

Some expected outcomes of Stage Three include speaking in complete simple sentences, knowledge of plural noun concepts by speaking plural nouns correctly, and the use of prepositions to show position.

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