Language Lab: Directing Activities

This is the second in a series of apps featuring the six Stages of Language Development highlighted in our AAC Language Lab. The focus of this app is for children who are at the Stage Two level of language development. This exciting app will address language objectives to help early language learners as well as children with expressive language delays who use augmentative and alternative communication methods. The icons for these core phrases that are introduced throughout the app directly correspond with the Unity language system on the communication devices by Liberator but can be easily used by all.

Directing Activities is easy to use and fun for all ages. Use the ‘Learn’ button to introduce target vocabulary phrases. Random animations with sound effects will play to illustrate different uses of the targeted words. The ‘Practice’ button will direct the child to find a specific target word within the context of a short phrase. The ‘Review’ button will then give a sentence with the target word missing and the child will need to find the correct answer. There is also a ‘hint’ option at this level.

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