Language Lab: Adjectives

Language Lab: Adjectives is the sixth app in a series of apps featuring the stages of language development. This app focuses on the development of Stage Four or Intermediate language skills and is a great tool for use with augmentative communication.

This app is designed for individuals who are beginning to use adjectives in simple sentences to describe things. During Stage Four, the form of sentences increases to include yes/no questions, and “Wh” questions. The person learns to say common past tense verbs that do not end in “ed”, such as “saw”, “said”, “told”, and “went.” The concept of actions that happened in the past is developing. Later on, the person will become aware of the grammar rule that most past tense verbs end in -ed, and will attempt to make some irregular past tense verbs end in “ed”, such as “comed” and “goed”. During stage four the person begins to use possessive endings. Linking verbs that are not in contractions also appear in stage four.

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